There’s a lot that needs to be done before you depart for your host country, and stressing about your visa shouldn’t be one of them. ISEP Program Officer Lindsay has some helpful tips to make sure you get your visa on time.

You just got accepted to your study abroad program. The initial excitement is overwhelming! You pull up the consulate website to research the visa process. It immediately looks incredibly daunting, so you click out of the webpage and set your application aside because you are riding that acceptance high, and it’s time to celebrate. You have endless time to work on the paperwork. No worries, right? Wrong!

The time before you leave to study abroad flies by. Suddenly, it’s a month before your trip, so you think you will buckle down and start that application. You start reading down the list. You see things like “FBI background check” (8-14 week processing time), and “in-person interview” (30 day wait time). Now you are in panic mode – there is no way you will get that visa on time.

I have some good news: it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are my simple but useful tips to make sure you can sail right on through that visa application process and right into study abroad paradise.

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